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Empowering Patients to Reach Their Fullest Potential

Amplify Prosthetics

Utilizing industry-leading digital workflow and 3D printing methods for patient-centric applications

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Our Services

3D Printed Prosthetic Socket

Lower Extremity Prosthetics

We are able to provide any lower extremity amputee with the exact componentry and custom socket style that is always intimately fitting and allows them to live life the way they want to live. Our innovative 3D printed prosthetic sockets are more comfortable and lighter weight than what traditional fabrication methods can provide. We are well-versed in the application of microprocessor knees and feet, along with other high-activity components.

Upper Extremity Prosthetics

We have extensive knowledge of body-powered and myoelectric prosthetic devices as well as impactful surgical techniques, like Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR). This unique experience allows us to think outside the box when we are working with a patient who is looking to return to work or go about their daily routine at home, or in their community.

Digital Workflow

We begin by utilizing the most efficient and accurate 3D scanners to capture your unique anatomy. We then objectively modify that shape in clinically-driven software to ensure a comfortable fitting socket in the least amount of time.

Initial Prosthetic Evaluation

We would be more than happy to get to know you and your unique needs and desires through using a prosthesis! Reach out to us today for a free initial prosthetic evaluation so that we can become acquainted with your goals and medical history.

3D Printing

Our 3D printing (also called Additive Manufacturing, AM) methods are leading the industry by providing the most robust devices, with the fastest turnaround, and including your custom flair, artwork, or look otherwise. 

Specialties: Athletics, Pediatrics

Our team is well versed and passionate about working with individuals who are or would like to be utilizing high-activity prostheses including running blades and other athletic componentry. We also thoroughly enjoy working with kiddos who always keep us on our feet! 


Our Clinical Promise:
Each patient we serve will receive the exact treatment plan and assistive device which will enable them to surpass their rehabilitation goals, activities of daily living, and athletic endeavors. 

Direct Prosthetic Care (DPxC):
Our ABC Certified Prosthetist, Joe Fairley, MPO, MS is pioneering an initiative to reimagine how prosthetic care can be provided to all persons with amputations. Modeled similarly after the successful and innovative alternative payment model in primary healthcare - Direct Primary Care (DPC), DPxC offers a more personalized and affordable approach for patients wishing to obtain a prosthesis. By offering prosthetic care directly to the patient, we can offer at-cost prosthetic componentry as well as affordable monthly membership plans, so you can visit our expert clinicians as many times as you would like in order to fine tune your comfort, fit, and function. Without the involvement of third-party payers, we can greatly decrease the time it takes to deliver a prosthesis, reduce the overall cost of the device, and provide you with the exact device that will help you achieve all of your goals! 

Read more about DPC and the Direct Primary Care Coalition here.

Foundational Partnerships and Donations:
Through strategic partnerships with industry foundations who seek to provide financial assistance for persons with amputations, we can provide additional resources for being able to afford the prosthetic componentry that might otherwise be unavailable to some patients. Devices such as microprocessor knees (MPKs), myoelectric hands, running blades, prosthetic covers, and secondary prostheses to shower with - are now all within reach to any amputee. 

Our "Put Your Best Foot Forward" fund serves the purpose of purchasing prosthetic componentry for those patients who need the assistance most. Whether you are a current patient, healthcare professional, family member, or anyone else looking to help amputees, we would be most appreciative for your donations! Email us for more information on how to donate.

DPxC Membership Plans

     Our mantra at Amplify Prosthetics is dedicated to empowering you to take ownership of your prosthetic care and overall well-being. Through this Direct Prosthetic Care approach, we enable you to be directly involved at every decision point in the process of your care, while not involving third-party payers in this process. This will allow us to better care for your direct needs at the exact time that you are in need of a prosthesis or other componentry, instead of jumping through all of the hoops and waiting an exorbitant amount of time to be provided those services. 

     We encourage and help you seek out continuing rehabilitation services with our physical therapy and occupational therapy partners. Your surgeon and/or otherwise referring doctor will also be involved in this holistic approach as a crucial point of care who will help us shape your personalized treatment plan.


     If you are an existing patient who is tired of waiting for services, is already charged heavily by your third-party insurance payer, or are otherwise looking for specialized services, we would love to have you join the Amplify family!


     Our plans listed below all come with access to AT-COST prosthetic componentry and 12-18 month payment plan eligibility. That means that every component which will make up your prosthesis, which is non-custom or does not directly interface with your limb, will be charged to you at our cost of obtaining the device. When we save with deeper discounts, so do you! All patients who incur a new amputation will begin with the Mobility Plan, with as many visits as necessary until the delivery of the definitive prosthesis. 



Plan Benefits:

  • At-cost prosthetic componentry

  • 12 or 18 month Payment Plan Eligible for prosthesis delivery

  • 1 Follow Up Visit per month included

Monthly Fee: $85

Additional Visit Fee: $20



Plan Benefits:

  • At-cost prosthetic componentry

  • 12 or 18 month Payment Plan Eligible for prosthesis delivery

  • 2 Follow Up Visits per month included


Monthly Fee: $105

Additional Visit Fee: $20



Plan Benefits:

  • At-cost prosthetic componentry

  • 12 or 18 month Payment Plan Eligible for prosthesis delivery

  • Unlimited Follow Up Visits per month included

Monthly Fee: $130

Your Prosthetist

Joe Fairley Certified Prosthetist

Joe Fairley

ABC Certified Prosthetist, MPO, MS

Joe has over six years of clinical experience in upper and lower extremity prosthetics. He graduated from Northwestern University in 2019 with his Masters in Prosthetics and Orthotics, after graduating from Merrimack College with a Masters in Exercise and Sport Science. He is the owner of Ascent Fabrication Inc., a fully dedicated additive manufacturing operational partner for prosthetic and orthotic clinics across the country. Joe's expertise in implementing digital workflows and 3D printing for innovative patient-centric applications is what sets him apart as a leader in the P&O industry.

When he is not helping persons with limb difference surpass their goals, Joe enjoys being outdoors with his wife, Kara, and their dog Judah. Joe is an avid hiker (ADK 46er), cyclist, marathon runner, and soon to be rower! If he's not answering his phone, it's because he is either deep in the Adirondack Mountains on a multi-day excursion, or he is knee-deep skiing in powder out at Brundage Mountain in McCall, Idaho.

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